White Doggy

White Doggy White Doggy
White Doggy @ SpringThomas.com
Honor Lads! It is Monday! And this week u must meet my fresh pet, White Doggy! Isn’t he cute? He’s so tame and passive, and I luv him sooo much. He’s got his own crate lined with newspaper, and when I display him off to the world, that guy even has his own mask! I have some other pet – Dark Doggy! Me and Dark Doggy do nasty things whilst White Doggy watches. Watch how bigger in size than typical Dark-skinned Doggy’s pecker is? It is so fun! I mean everyone has a precious time! Dark Doggy tries very unyielding this week to make me pregnant with his puppies! I’m crossing my fingers cause I am not on birth control (you boys know that) and charmer, did he fill me up!!! I let it all oooze out before White Doggy turns into Bad Doggy. BBAAAADDDDD DOGGY! This Lothario succulent all over me! BAD WHITE DOGGY! This fellow forces me to take him back to his cage and housebreak him some more! Oh well! We all cant be consummate!
White Doggy White Doggy
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