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Zoe Voss Zoe Voss
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My therapist should lose his license for the way this chab spoke about dark people. The unporfessionalism this chab showed was shocking. This chab verbally tore down black people and made it as if white people are the majority responsible in the world. Luckily, my man was listening in and almost destroyed the Dr. but decided to train him a lesson in humility. One time I got a view the therapist’s flacid 10-Pounder I thanked my fortunate stars that Shane has enough 10-Pounder for a hundred dark-skinned cock sluts but his is strictly for me. The doctor almost shit himself as my throat engulfed Shane’s footlong penis which made it impossible to breath unless I did so through my nose. I could not expect any longer and had to have his darksome meatstick jam itself up my white bawdy cleft far sufficient until I could feel it in the back of my teeth. We fucked all over the furniture until it was time for his testicles to explode. Wasted white cum makes me sad when I am not giving it to my cuckold to eat so this chab learns his set in life. I’ve a feeling this dude is intend to be a little kinder to the dark-skinned man

Zoe Voss Zoe Voss

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