Zoey Laine

Zoey Laine Zoey Laine
Zoey Laine @ WatchingMyDaughterGoBlack.com
Sometimes, Zoey Laine’s step-dad is a winner. When he wins, he wins bigger than standard. Just check out Zoey’s dance studio! She earned that after a large win. However, today, Zoey’s step-dad is a greater than standard, obese loser. He is gotta break the news to Zoey, which is when The Crew rolls in. They’re there to collect. Money. Lots of cash. Certainly Zoey’s step dad doesn’t have it, and right before he’s about to acquire the beat down of his life, Zory Laine comes to the rescue. She does a great job of turning the attention to her, and it comes in the form of a tight, barely-legal body; a wet, willing face hole; and a constricted, tight twat. The Staff has their way with Zoey, pounding her inexperienced, whilst loser, creepy step-dad copes with the situation by turning it sexual. This fellow is sniffing Zoey’s luscious yoga hose and jerking, and after Zoey swallows all five loads, what happens next? U got it. And what’s running through Zoey’s mind as step-dad drops his nut down her face hole!? Like that babe told from the beginning, when The Crew showed up: "I cant believe my Mamma married u!"
Zoey Laine Zoey Laine

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